Wiskt Dessert Catering

Let’s get wiskt away!
Made with love… from scratch and on a budget!

~Wiskt Menu~
  • cake balls/cake pops
  • NY cheesecake
  • celebration cakes & cupcakes (buttercream or fondant with flavors like:  chai, chocolate, chocolate chip cookie, coconut tres leches, dulce de leche, red velvet, tres leches, white, yellow)
  • cookies (signature-brown butter dark chocolate chip with sea salt, chocolate chip, chocolate white chocolate chip, madeleines, molasses-spice, peanut butter, red velvet, shortbread, sugar)
  • edible favors
  • French macarons (gluten-free)
  • lollipops
    … and much more!
All items are customized to meet your dessert catering needs!
For dessert catering inquiries: wisktblog@gmail.com or 832-819-4751. Please allow 24 hours for a response. All cake and dessert table orders require a minimum of 3 weeks notice. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Thank you for visiting my page and for your business!  You’ve been wiskt!


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